At the press conference at the Council of Ministers meeting, the Minister of State and Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva said, after being asked about the topic, that the Government is working with schools to guarantee a scenario “as close to the normal start of the school year”.

“Obviously, at every moment and depending on the epidemiological situation, we are always prepared to make different decisions. Different, more limited decisions, with small hits to the operation, or different, more significant decisions, resuming distance learning and the home study platform, which continues to be prepared so that it can respond,” said the minister.

"These decisions are made by the health authorities and the Ministry of Education depending on the conditions known," she said.

Recognising the exceptional situation that will force students to wear a mask, to always have disinfectant gel available, to create circulation aisles, rules of stay and specific times for meals, among other aspects motivated by the fight against the covid-19 pandemic, the minister also stressed the importance of returning to school.

"We believe that returning to school is of the utmost importance, for children and young people, for the whole of society and we are working to ensure that it can be resumed," she said.

“When in March we closed the schools, the level of knowledge that existed was also different from what exists today and it is a recommendation from everyone, from the WHO itself, that schools can resume, because they are, for many children and young people, a safe place and where more conditions of safety and public health can be guaranteed, in addition to teaching and learning, contact with other children and the food that the public schools provides”, added the minister.