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Feeling at home in Portugal: the missing piece

You've moved to Portugal, your new home. It checks all the boxes...
By Advertiser, In Education, Lifestyle - 09 Dec 2022, 09:01

The quirkiest things she did to learn Portuguese

When financial resources are scarce and excuses too, you get to use all of your creative...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education - 04 Nov 2022, 11:01

The Queen of Portuguese is back to fully reveal herself

Spoken Portuguese is hard to decode, you say. Let me tell you what the Queen of...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Portugal, Education, Curiosity - 28 Oct 2022, 11:01

17 ways to agree in Portuguese, with or without “sim”

What a simple “sim” can disguise shall be hidden from you no more. Add variants to...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Portugal, Education, Curiosity - 21 Oct 2022, 09:32

Listen out and connect the dots to make sense of Portuguese phonetics

Let me lift the veil a bit, in case you’ve been feeling utterly confused by how we...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Portugal, Education, Lifestyle - 14 Oct 2022, 10:31

The best tool to learn Portuguese

No app, no technology, at least not recent. I’m talking about a plain old...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Curiosity , Education, Portugal - 07 Oct 2022, 10:01

When numbers finally made sense to a language addict

I was never much into numbers, until I was told they told stories. And so numbers spoke...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Curiosity , Education - 30 Sep 2022, 09:01

What teenagers and Portuguese learners have in common

Tell me what kind of a teen you were, and I’ll tell you what kind of a Portuguese...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Curiosity , Portugal, Education - 23 Sep 2022, 13:01

European Portuguese vs. Brazilian Portuguese – How different can they be?

Test yourself by playing spot the differences to understand how grammar, vocabulary and...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Curiosity , Portugal - 16 Sep 2022, 09:01

What God has to say about your Portuguese after 10 years in Portugal

If you’ve never heard of comprehensible input, here’s a demo: read about how a...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Curiosity , Portugal - 09 Sep 2022, 14:01

The Google translate “syndrome”

When is an online translator a helping hand for pressing situations and when is it...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Portugal, Education - 02 Sep 2022, 08:01

Meet the Queen of Portuguese and understand us you shall!

In case you didn’t know, Portuguese is a monarchy and behind every word, there’s a...
By Catarina Champalimaud, In Portugal, Lifestyle, Curiosity - 26 Aug 2022, 11:01

Conjuntivo to distract, confuse or save your Portuguese

If you won a million dollars, what would you do? This is an ‘if-clause’ which...
By PA/TPN, In Portugal, Lifestyle, Curiosity - 19 Aug 2022, 08:01

Mistakes – out of mind, out of sight?

I know I flipped the “out of sight, out of mind” saying, because, well, I can and...
By PA/TPN, In Portugal, Lifestyle - 12 Aug 2022, 12:01

To ask and not get it. Why, oh why?!

You ask ‘by the book’, yet the Portuguese still don’t get you
By PA/TPN, In Education, Portugal, Lifestyle - 04 Aug 2022, 20:01

Filler words to embellish your Portuguese

Filler words can be magical: they are short, don’t mean much, yet make you sound so...
By PA/TPN, In Portugal, Education - 30 Jul 2022, 19:01

Portuguese for forretas (cheapskates)

When a tight budget is an excuse not to learn Portuguese, this is my advice:...
In Portugal, Education - 24 Jul 2022, 14:01

The secret to understanding spoken Portuguese

The answer is simple: focus on individual sounds, words and finally sentences
In Portugal, Education - 17 Jul 2022, 14:01

The House of Portuguese - a fundamental metaphor

What the Portuguese language and houses have in common is something priceless:...
In Lifestyle - 09 Jul 2022, 09:01

Ready to read? Read to get ready

The sneaky technique to bring your Portuguese to the next level is a secret no more:...
In Lifestyle - 01 Jul 2022, 20:01

Verbs, the Portuguese boogeyman

When you thought pronunciation was the real hurdle, verbs, tenses and modes come to haunt...
In Lifestyle - 24 Jun 2022, 14:02

Is it a boy or a girl?

When you start learning Portuguese you may feel like a fresh pregnant woman: hormonal,...
In Lifestyle - 17 Jun 2022, 16:01

Our mistakes, piece of cake!

Do you ever bother to notice how the Portuguese speak English? Our mistakes are actually...
In Lifestyle - 11 Jun 2022, 17:04

Tap, tap, tap

Why being in a hurry to acquire vocabulary isn’t a good idea. And why the unschooling...
In Lifestyle - 03 Jun 2022, 20:01

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