“Our intention is to sign the agreement with the parties” – the Ministries of Defence and Economy, the Portuguese air force (Montijo is an air base), Lisbon and Montijo city councils and national airport management company ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal – before the upcoming general elections on 4 October, Sérgio Silva Monteiro, told reporters in Beja.
He added that “the great advantage of Portela airport in Lisbon” is its “proximity” to the capital, since passengers who land there “are €1.40 from the city centre by Metro”, he added.
Should it come to fruition the new airport, often referred to as Portela +1, would be located across the Tagus River on the south banks, in the city of Montijo.
Among other suggestions, Portela +1 could alleviate Lisbon’s main airport of some of its traffic by receiving low-cost flights.