SEF detains four foreign citizens associated with illegal immigration networks

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SEF detains four foreign citizens associated with illegal immigration networks

Portugal’s borders and immigration authority SEF has detained four citizens suspected of belonging to illegal immigration networks that used Portuguese airports to route immigrants from eastern Europe to Ireland using fake documents.

In a statement SEF said that the four foreign nationals were detained for “strong suspicions that they belonged to a criminal network that aided illegal immigration and that they were facilitators and followers of other citizens who, bearing fraudulent documentation, used Portuguese airports to try to travel to other European countries, in this case, to Ireland”.

SEF explained that a 20-year-old citizen was initially detained for being in Portugal illegally as he prepared to travel to Ireland aided by facilitators.

After his arrest, SEF agents detained the other three citizens.

The security service elaborated that the incidents relating to the interception and detention of Eastern Europe citizens with falsified documentation at Portuguese border posts date from 2010.

The incidents took on particular relevance in 2012 when transnational criminal networks aiding illegal immigration, and who used Portugal as a transit platform to get nationals from Eastern Europe into Ireland and the United Kingdom, but also in Canada and the United States, were first identified.

Investigations by SEF, with the collaboration of Europol, have already identified criminal networks operating from Albania, Italy, the United Kingdom and Ireland.


These people should be given the death penalty , and all EU countries should re-instate the death penalty as there is no deterant for criminal activity today .
There should also be an investigation into NGOs who are eroding democracy , encouraging criminal activity , and not upholding the rule of law across the world . Also the UN should be replaced, just as it replaced the League of Nations when it was outdated .
There are very few genuine asylum seekers and refugees today , most are economic migrants who have no rights and who should be deported . Countries who refuse to take back their citizens who have failed asylum , should have financial and trade sanctions imposed on them .
The Schengen agreement should be revoked , due to misuse and its encouragement of criminal activity and illegal migration .
The EU itself should be put into question and maybe the restauration of the EEC would be a better option

by Paul R from Lisbon on 01-07-2019 12:48:00
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