“I ordered the closure of this centre [Temporary Installation Centre at Lisbon Airport], it will be closed, at least, until 30 April for anyone. The last citizen who was there was placed in the care of social security,” said Eduardo Cabrita to members of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees.

In a hearing requested by the Bloco de Esquerda, the minister is being heard on the case involving three elements of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) under house arrest for suspected murder of a Ukrainian citizen in this centre of Lisbon airport.

Eduardo Cabrita said that until 30 April, "mechanisms will be approved that will separate what are asylum seekers or international protection, from what is the necessary border control and permanence for short periods".

According to the official, the rules will be "changed".

Eduardo Cabrita said that it will also be proposed to renew the agreement with the organization Médecins du Monde, which guarantees health care in this centre, and submitted a proposal to the Bar Association to create "a new more effective monitoring regulation".

The minister explained that the new SEF director at the airport will present the proposal to the Bar Association until next week.

Eduardo Cabrita said that, in 2019, 5,300 foreigners passed through the SEF temporary installation centre at Lisbon airport, 382 of whom were asylum seekers, 467 considered inadmissible under the border control framework and 200 due to judicial determination in the context of the expulsion.

"This centre, which has very poor conditions, cannot have asylum seekers, I have always said that and, therefore, we decided to move to an autonomous centre in Almoçageme [municipality of Sintra] for this type of applicants", he said.

The alleged crime was committed on the premises of the Temporary Installation Centre, at Lisbon airport, on the 12th, after the victim allegedly caused some disturbances at the site and tried to enter Portugal illegally, the PJ considers that the three SEF inspectors they are "the presumed responsible for death".

Following this homicide, the Inspector General of Internal Administration opened an inquiry to the SEF Lisbon Borders Directorate and Eduardo Cabrita also ordered the opening of disciplinary proceedings to the director and deputy director of Lisbon Borders, who have since been dismissed from their posts.

Eduardo Cabrita also added that he appointed the inspector who served as SEF liaison officer at the Ministry of Internal Affairs as the new SEF director at Lisbon airport.