“Today’s operation has culminated a phase, but the investigation will continue. We are going to gather other pieces and try to investigate the extent of the criminal activity, namely to identify other possible participants in this activity”, António Madureira told journalists.
The head of the PJ was speaking to journalists in the substation of the Coastal Control Unit (UCC) of GNR, in Portimão, where the bales of hashish and one of the vehicles seized in the operation that took place since 8.30pm on 3 February were exposed, at Alemão beach, in the municipality of Portimão.
According to António Madureira, the seizure of 59 bales of hashish and the arrest of 10 people of various nationalities, in flagrante delicto, when they unloaded the drug, “is the culmination of an investigation that has been on going for about a year and a half”.
In the opinion of the officer, the narcotic product could not be destined for Portugal, with the Portuguese territory being “just a crossing point” for the drugs.
“As a rule, and in this type of traffic, Portugal is just a crossing point”, underlined the person in charge of the Southern Judiciary Police.
For his part, the commander of the Coastal Control Detachment of Olhão of GNR, Nuno Marinho, referred that the interception of the rigid vessel that carried the drug resulted from the surveillance carried out with the support of the PJ.
“The vessel was detected off Portimão and when we realised that it was sailing towards the beach, maritime and terrestrial means were used to intercept it and approach the individuals who were on the beach,” he said.
According to Nuno Marinho, the detainees were “on the beach and in its surroundings using vehicles, including two light off-road vehicles, which were already loaded with hash bales”.
“There was no resistance, but there was an attempt to escape, and warning shots were fired, for the safety of the individuals who were on the beach,” he said.
The soldier added that one of the detained men “was slightly injured, with bruises on one leg, resulting from a fall on one of the rocks on the beach,” and was taken to the hospital for assistance.