New management took over in November 2018 and since then several changes have been made to help improve the overall customer experience.

An outdoor terrace at the supermarket is being completed to help keep everyone safe when using the Bar or Take Away service while adhering to all Covid-19 safety rules. Meanwhile, inside the store there have also been changes to the restaurant area, creating a separation between the circulation area and the dining room, in order to guarantee social distancing between people.

Within the scope of social responsibility, it is in partnership with Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Vila do Bispo that the food left over from the Bar and Restaurant / Take Away are delivered daily so that they can easily reach the most needy families in the local area.

In addition, Intermarché de Sagres has also contributed to events held in the municipality and this year is a gold partner of the Birdwatching

Festival of Sagres to be held from 2 to 5 October 2020, offering a “Kit Lanche” voucher to participants. In addition, the supermarket as also joined the campaign developed every year to raise awareness among the population about the importance of firefighters, through the purchase of the PAFY book.

There is also a project being developed for placing photovoltaic solar panels at the supermarket to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment, while also this year car charging ports will be available in the supermarket car park.

José Oliveira, the manager of Intermarché Sagres said: “We all need everyone and we all depend on everyone to live, this is why we seek day after day to improve the products and services provided to our customers as a way of thanking them for the trust they place in us every day by choosing Intermarché Sagres”.
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