LBP President Jaime Marta Soares said the September financial contributions were paid to volunteer firefighters between 28 and 29 October, almost a month later.

The volunteer firefighters who make up the Special Rural Fire Fighting Device receive from the Civil Protection the financial contribution of 50 Euros for 24 hours.

Jaime Marta Soares said that the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC) has not yet paid all debts to the humanitarian associations of firefighters, continuing to pay extraordinary expenses since July this year and some from 2018.

According to the president of LBP, what is unpaid is the extraordinary expenses made during the fight against fires, such as food, fuel and vehicle repair.

In a reply sent to the PSD, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) states that ANEPC “has no outstanding amounts for the critical fire period” of last year to the fire brigades, with almost 34 thousand Euros to be paid for extraordinary expenses of 2018.

The MAI expects to pay this amount “soon”.

In the reply sent to the Social Democratic Parliamentary Group, the MAI also indicates that ANEPC also has to regularize to humanitarian associations the amount of about 433 thousand Euros, whose reimbursement “is dependent on the actual realization of the expenditure and its proof”, namely through invoice submission.