Seventeen dogs ‘drugged and dumped’ in Loures

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Over a dozen dogs are believed to have been sedated and abandoned in the Lisbon district municipality of Loures, a situation that was denounced by the president of the animal protection association ‘Chão dos Bichos’, Ana Sousa.

According to Ms. Sousa, whose association took some of the drugged dogs in to check them over, they were dumped in the Santo António neighbourhood in the parish of Camarate, Unhos e Apelação, and also in Quinta do Mocho, in the parish of Sacavém e Prior Velho.

The association president told Lusa News Agency that the animals are from a pack from the São Francisco neighbourhood in Camarate, which is already known to local organisations.

They were spotted staggering around late last Thursday night and early Friday morning.

Nine dogs – eight males and one female – were found in the Santo António neighbourhood and a volunteer was sent to tend to them, Ana Sousa explained.

The remaining eight dogs were dropped in Quinta do Mocho.

Ms. Sousa recalled that “two weeks ago, dogs killed by poisoning were found in the county” but it is “not known what they died from and that is unrelated to this latest incident”.

“In this case, where no deaths were recorded, we think the dogs were drugged for some reason, but it did not go as planned, and then they were dumped”.

Given the distance between the places of abandonment and the spot where the São Francisco pack is located, Ana Sousa believes that “the owner’s intention would not have been to abandon the dogs to prevent them from returning otherwise they would not have been left in these places”.

The animals received care from the association, but given the “very fragile” situation the refuge is in, they had to be returned.
The incident was reported by the association to the Lisbon PSP police’s Department of Animal Defence, but “there was no investigation because, according to them, there was not enough evidence” for one to be conducted, Ms. Sousa said.

Loures Municipal Council was also contacted by the association but was told that the council could not do anything because the municipal kennel is overcrowded, according to the Mayor.

Despite attempts by Chão dos Bichos to expose the severity of the situation through videos and photographs, the council, which employs a municipal vet, reportedly suggested that “one of the dogs should be taken for tests and exams at the Lusofona University”, but by then they had already come around.

Contacted by Lusa News Agency, Loures Council said that this situation “was the result of illegal abandonment, in which the technique used was sedation of the animals” and, “as it is a punishable crime, it will be reported to the authorities”.

The council reiterated that the municipal kennel is indeed overcrowded, but procedures for the expansion of the current facilities regarding canine housing are already in the process of being completed, which will allow a 50 percent increase in the current capacity, but also the creation of a cattery, which had until now been non-existent.

In addition to these investments, with implementation in the first half of this year, the budget for 2019 includes funds for the development of a new municipal kennel in Loures.

Fabian Figueiredo, national Left Bloc leader and candidate for the City Council of Loures in the last municipal elections, said he has already asked the council for clarification on this matter, adding “the political inability with which animal-related matters are treated in the municipality of Loures, is regrettable.

“Animals are being murdered in the county, the municipal executive has successively postponed the construction of the new kennel, and failed to find a solution for the Chão dos Bichos association” in this instance, he slammed.


Animal owners should take responsibility. Punishment should be handed out to animal owners who do not register their pets and neuter them against unwanted pregnancies. There are far too many unwanted dogs and cats abandond and starving on the streets in Portugal and the canils cannot cope. This is becoming a major problem. I currently have taken in two abandoned dogs and a cat.

By Linda from Algarve on 28-03-2019 10:29
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