According to the Correio da Manhã, the regional plan of hydro efficiency (PREH) in the Algarve expects an investment of €228 million in regard to the application of 57 measures in agriculture, urbanism and tourism areas.

In the plan presentation, that took place in Faro, the Environment and Climatic Action Minister, João Matos Fernandes, said that “there is no sense in multiplying dams when there is no water”. In his opinion, reusing the residual water is the solution to guarantee a better water availability in the south of Portugal.

The projects range from improvement in public water supply to awareness campaigns. ‘Safe water a short and medium term’ is the main tasks of the PREH authors, whose preparation was coordinated by the Environment Portuguese Agency and the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Regional Development.

Simultaneously, other projects on the Guadiana dam are being studied, including the desalination or water transfer from the Pomarão, in Mértola, to the Odeleite Dam, in Castro Marim and the possibility of building one or more dams (Foupana and Ribeira de Alportel) is also included.