Show some love at home

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Show some love at home

Public declarations of love are one thing, but there's something even more special about an intimate personal setting, when you want to woo or offer your heart.

So set the scene for romance at home, where you can go full on with hearts and flowers, or just subtly hint at your feeling with a few witty, loving touches.

Whether you're loved-up, flirting, or just want to have a bit of fun to mark the most romantic day of the year, we've found plenty of treats for rooms to help set the mood - as well as a few top tips if Valentine's Day inspires you to indulge a full-on passion for sensual decor.

After all, home is where the heart is...

Let love bloom

If a bouquet of flowers - roses are the classic romantic gesture - seems too yesterday and predictable, and you really want to make an enduring gesture of affection, you could decorate a wall with a floral design mural that replicates a profusion of blooms instead.

Today's digital technology means floral designs look so real, they could have been freshly picked - and making a 'blooming' statement this way will also show you're totally in tune with decor trends.

Petal power is a key theme this year, reflects our continuing passion for bringing the outdoors in, and, of course, these blooms will never wilt!

A love-ly investment

Win compliments, if not hearts, with a statement seat upholstered in fashionable, touchy-feely pink velvet. Sofas aren't the only places for snuggling.

Create a romantic boudoir

The secret to creating a romantic aura in a room is to beguile the senses. Sight, sound, touch, and smell, should all be engaged in the most pleasant way possible.

In this flirty, feminine bedroom, a soft colour scheme of pink and white, beautiful furnishings and soft fabrics beckon with the promise of luxury and comfort.

It's not difficult to lose your heart to this look, and all that's needed to complete the scene are music and a scented candle. Think floral perfumes, from gardenia to vanilla and soothing, sweet jasmine.

Romance the room

Just a few blushing pink additions to a space could be all that's needed to turn the decor from dull to divine, and put wooing on the agenda.

Let the heart rule the head

Don't despair if the gushing language of love doesn't come easily - just let your home speak for you. Colour has a powerful effect on mood, and if you want to raise the temperature of a room in a hurry, red is the perfect choice (this colour is also associated with romance, if you're going for sensual over saucy).

Splurging on bed linen, throws and pillows in rich ruby shades could do the trick - but if you're worried that's just too subtle, you can always really make your feelings clear, with bold fabrics embellished with heart designs and a selection of heart and lip-shaped accessories.

Turn-on touches

Racy, red accessories are perfect if you plan to 'pop the question', and will add a touch of drama and passion to any setting.

Get set for love

Love and food are inextricably linked, as both involve the same senses - taste, touch, smell and sight. A romantic meal should be a highlight of the Valentine evening, although an intimate breakfast could be a great way to start the day.

Create your own sensual occasion with a pretty table setting. 'Less is more' is the rule here - so limit yourself to just a few nods to the hearts and roses theme, and it'll be tasteful rather than tacky. A centrepiece bowl of flowers, hearts table scatter, soft candlelight and a romantic note on a plate, may be all the ingredients you need.

Have a heart

Set the pulses racing, with a table setting laid for love and some tug-at-your heartstrings little touches.

Spell out desire

A word, a touch or a smile can be all that's needed to show you really care, and are important year-round - not just on February 14. In other words, it's the small things that count, just as much as big, showy gestures.

With that in mind, displaying a simple sign - either spelling the word 'love', in the shape of a heart, or love notes pegged up around the home with heart-shaped clips - could be a thoughtful way to celebrate the occasion


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