Silves motorhomers raise funds to help city’s needy

By Carrie-Marie Bratley, in News · 24-01-2013 09:44:00 · 3 Comments
Silves motorhomers raise funds to help city’s needy

A group of motorhome owners, who are among the hundreds who flock to Silves every year to enjoy the Algarve’s winter sunshine, have raised over €1,000 to help the city’s needy as a means of giving thanks “for putting up with us.”

When the freak tornado struck last November the motorhome visitors were among the first to join the locals and help clear up the debris.
Some of them suffered extensive damage to their motorhomes, but any damage to their vehicles paled in comparison to the destruction wreaked by the tornado throughout Silves.
Belgian motorhome-owner Mr. Van Beughen was one of many campers caught up in the frightening storm. He is still waiting for parts to fix his vehicle, but is just as concerned with trying to help the local community.
At the beginning of the new year a group of eight motorhome regulars including Mr. Van Beughen decided to get together to encourage other motorhomers to dig deep and give something back to the city that welcomes them year on year with open arms.
German Sabine Bucko, who has visited Silves in her camper van every winter for the past five years, told The Portugal News: “I thought we should do something positive, we want to help the town.”

“Silves is like my home”, she says, adding: “We want to show we feel solidarity. The people are always so welcoming; we want to give something back.”
“And why not”, continues Dutch visitor Gerie de Boer, who is enjoying her fourth winter in Silves; “We have more than a lot of people in Portugal, and every Euro helps.”
Over €1,000 was raised after the group went door-to-door collecting among the motorhomes.
At the time of the collection it was estimated that around 150 motorhomes were parked along Silves’ riverside.
Sam Skinner, who is originally from Wales and has been visiting Silves in his motorhome for seven years, said he was “delighted” with the €1,280 raised, far exceeding the original €1,000 target.
This has been used to purchase eight wheelchairs that will be given to a branch of the council’s Social Welfare department, to be used for the elderly and the disabled.
In a statement, Silves council said the orthopaedic material would be used to equip the BLAT – Local Technical Help Bank – and confirmed it would be arriving this week.
“This donation will allow BLAT to offer a more efficient response to the numberless requests for orthopaedic material that are received every day, as well as improving the quality of life for people who have suffered a loss of autonomy or who have a dependency (temporary or permanent) and have reduced economic resources”, the council said.
“They have sixteen wheelchairs but there are three people already on the waiting list so three of the chairs that we are donating will go immediately to someone”, Mr. Skinner explained, concluding: “We just want to say a big thank you to everyone for putting up with us.”


Many very expensive vans camping free in Silves and spoiling the historic look.A few Euros after the events that caused so much damage,is not much to expect,hardly an historic donation.Who pays for their waste disposal and water?The very local people who were left homeless.Am I missing something here?Chris

by Chris from Other on 09-03-2013 04:46:00

My mother is Gerie de Boer I'm very proud of her and the other camper residentsthe , keep up the good work lots of greets from the Netherlands

by lynsey from Other on 10-02-2013 06:48:00

So, a winter freeloading on a car park and it cost €10 ..

by Jo from UK on 04-02-2013 05:01:00
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