One of the bins will be installed at the Bus Terminal, while the other will be located near the intersection of Vasco da Gama Street and Dr. Carlos Mota Pinto Avenue.

These smart bins allow for an 85% more efficient collection process due to their low-power internal compactor powered by a solar panel installed on its top that will allow it to be completely autonomous and have up to eight times the storage capacity of a standard bin.

Through a digital platform, municipal services will be able to check the filling status of the bins, automatically notifying them if they reach their maximum filling level, enabling the efficiency of waste collection routes, reducing the number of trips and labour, resulting in fuel savings and consequently a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Loulé City Council, through the Quarteira Lab project, aims to bring innovation and environmental sustainability to this area of the city, making it more environmentally friendly. Fostering the decarbonisation of the city through technological solutions that increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, contribute to create an innovative, sustainable and inclusive urban space and improve citizens´ quality of life, are the main objectives of this “Living Laboratory for Decarbonisation”.