Spotlight back on Luz

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Spotlight back on Luz

Praia da Luz will next week become the centre of the world’s focus as attention once again shifts to the village as police renew their quest to find missing British toddler Madeleine McCann.

“In principle, work on the ground should commence at the beginning of next week” a police source told The Portugal News on Thursday afternoon.
“Work should last a few days” the source said, suggesting searches would probably not last into next weekend.
“Permission has been granted in recent days for British police to join us in searches. There were some finer details in need of further clarification, which have since been received. Searches, at least from a legal standpoint are ready to begin”, the high-ranking police source continued, stressing however that no field operations would start before next Monday, at the earliest.
Nonetheless, detectives were spotted visiting the site where searches will be taking place on Wednesday and “we expect there might even be a few more visits before field operations begin in earnest”, it was explained
As reported previously in The Portugal News (see 17 May edition), Portuguese prosecutors have only given permission for searches on the ground to take place in one single area.

“Scotland Yard have requested that work be done on two other sites, but no approval has yet been granted”, the source said.
The Attorney-General’s office in Lisbon on Thursday afternoon sent a statement to The Portugal News confirming it had received a new International Letter of Request from the Crown Prosecution Service “relating to the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann”.
Portuguese police have since stressed that they would be assisting their British counterparts throughout the operation to the best of their abilities and would continue to do so should any future searches be approved.
In the meantime, a number of resources are expected to be used in the upcoming search, ranging from earth-penetrating radar equipment to the use of dogs.
Police here also cautioned that they would immediately stop field operations should they feel their work was being restricted by the expected “media circus”.
PJ police in Lisbon said this week that “while we cannot expect the media to stay away, we ask that they allow police to do their work unhindered or leave us with no option but to call off the entire operation”.
Meanwhile, Praia da Luz Mayor Vítor Mata told The Portugal News earlier this month that the “people of Luz are tired of this case”, but added that “searches like these are always worth it, so long as the authorities have concrete evidence to back them up”.
However, he added that council workers spend their time in the town on a daily basis and said they would be the first people to notice if something were out of place or if there was a site police should investigate.
Police from the GNR in Lagos did not comment on the case when questioned on Wednesday, but seemed resigned to the fact that they will be on additional traffic duty for much of the coming week.


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