Helping international investors with their offshore investments and structures for over 30 years, St James Global provides clients with the experience and know-how they deserve in a world of ever changing tax legislation and compliance. St James Global is truly independent and can provide unbiased and impartial advice across a universe of products, services and jurisdictions.

Products and solutions are designed to protect and preserve wealth in a safe and secure environment with particular reference on transparency of fees which are amongst the lowest in the industry, combined with and active but careful management process.

Based in the Algarve in Portugal and way ahead of the curve in offering specialist financial advice and services to expatriates in a financial environment subject to ongoing changes under the OECD common reporting standards, St James Global are well placed to advise clients throughout the EU member States.

High level financial advice to British nationals and other Europeans settling in the EU for a better quality of life, looking at all aspects of planning their financial affairs, whilst carefully considering the tax laws in their country of residence and the country in which their assets are domiciled. St James Global have established themselves as a family office to a loyal clientele of first and second generations.

St James Global have over many years established sound relationships with some of the world’s largest and most respected corporate trustees and financial institutions. For expatriates living in the European Union, St James Global provide an extensive range of robust and compliant financial services and turn key solutions in the most secure and well-regulated offshore Jurisdictions around the world including the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Luxembourg. All of these jurisdictions benefit from stable governments, excellent communication links and state of the art financial technology with stringent regulatory controls and safety measures in place to ensure maximum protection for our clients.

For further information, visit the St James Global offices in Vilamoura, in office 53, Av Cerro da Vila, or call 289 005 251.