In a press conference, Eduardo Cabrita explained that the application of a calamity situation means "the creation of a situation of sanitary cordon applied to the whole municipality and the establishment of a set of restrictions on economic activities and the movement of people".

According to the minister, the situation of the cordon means that residents in the municipality are prevented from leaving Ovar. Only the entry of inhabitants who have been outside the municipality for a long period of time and want to return home permanently is allowed.

"Except for a set of exceptional situations, such as health professionals, security or rescue forces, supply of areas that must continue to operate, such as supermarkets and gas stations, access to Ovar is forbidden", said the Minister of Administration Intern, in a statement to the media, together with the Minister of Health, Marta Temido.

As an example, he said that the Northern train line will continue to operate, but at stations located in the municipality of Ovar, there will be no passengers entering or leaving.

Within the municipality, where GNR and PSP will enforce traffic restrictions, people can travel to buy essential goods, such as food and medicines, and to go to work in equally essential places, such as hospitals, health centers , gas stations, banks, supermarkets, bakeries and water and electricity services.

Eduardo Cabrita, expressed solidarity "at a difficult time" and appealed for the understanding of the inhabitants of the municipality of Ovar.

The restrictions on economic activity and the movement of people take effect immediately and are effective until April 2, and may eventually be extended if the regional health authority of the Center considers it necessary.

Asked by Lusa about whether the declaration of a calamity situation could be extended to other municipalities in view of the epidemiological evolution of Covid-19 in Portugal, the minister referred that it is "an instrument" among several that the Government has and that "no will no longer be used when needed ".