Strengthening academic ties between Portugal and California

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A new protocol between the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) and the University of Berkeley, California, will allow "increasing academic exchange at the highest level" between Portugal and the institution.

"Our aim is to be a point where students and lecturers in Portugal can enjoy a university like Berkeley and that students and lecturers in Berkeley have some support to those interested in studying Portugal," the professor Deolinda Adão, who is the executive director of the Portuguese Studies Programme.

The new protocol has several aspects, namely the reinforcement of the Centre for Portuguese Studies, a joint grant with the Pinto-Fialon Fund to finance the PhD of Portuguese students in Berkeley, support for a visiting researcher and the promotion of the Study in Portugal Network (SiPN).

According to Deolinda Adão, "a fundamental part of the agreement is to encourage the exchange of students from the University of Berkeley with financial support from the Pinto-Fialon Fund". This fund was created when Portuguese emigrant Arthur Ferreira Pinto and his wife Annette Fialon left a US$7.5 million inheritance to the university to support students of at least 25% Portuguese origin.

"This exclusive fund for Portuguese students is really something unique in the United States. We are the only [university] that has a fund of this amount with this number of applicants at the American university level," Deolinda Adão said.

The protocol, FLAD and the Centro de Estudos Portugueses will support the first year of doctoral studies of two Portuguese students who are accepted at Berkeley, in any scientific area, with scholarships of US$20,000. FLAD finances US$10,000 and the Pinto-Fialon fund provides another US$10,000.

"Our goal is to facilitate the mobility of Portuguese students to do doctorates in the United States, particularly at Berkeley," she said.

The agreement also includes a FLAD grant for a visiting researcher (junior visiting researcher), worth 10,000 dollars. The idea is to support a doctoral student at a Portuguese university who wants to go to Berkeley to do research, for a period that can range from three months to a year.


Why don't you go to their website and let us know....Being southern California, they probably have studies on of your favorites!

By William from Other on 11-08-2020 02:57

Does Berkeley actually have studies to offer on any scientific area? Do they really have activities besides indoctrinating Communism?

By Kari Lehto from Other on 11-08-2020 09:58
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