Golden beaches and emerald valleys, rugged medieval fortresses and cozy fishing villages, Gothic monasteries, and ancient forests are awaiting you in Portugal. This picturesque country has a lot of places to visit and many things to try. Moreover, unlike neighboring Spain, it is not yet spoiled by tourists, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a businessman or a student who cannot always buy college essay, you can afford this amazing trip. You can travel on a budget and enjoy your vacation in a country that doesn’t know anything about the hustle and bustle.

1. Lisbon

Lisbon seems to be the most logical place to start your acquaintance with Portugal. Many people dream of visiting this amazing city, and it is not for nothing. Lisbon is full of various attractions and incredible places, so it is worth devoting at least several days to a sightseeing tour. You can find must-do lists for Lisbon on the Internet.

2. Cascais

Even though people usually pass by this town, going to Sintra, it is worth your attention if you want to enjoy swimming in the ocean. Make a stop in this lovely town for a day to try surfing, stroll through wonderful squares, and climb the Devil's Mouth cliff to enjoy picturesque views. People are used to underestimating things they come across. Thus, students ignore college paper writing service reviews, and travelers don’t pay enough attention to this stunning place.

3. Sintra

Sintra and its surroundings are among the desirable and must-visit places in Portugal. It is worth your attention at least thanks to Pena Castle that can boast of its outlandish architecture and the title of the summer residence of the Portuguese kings. Explore the king's palace and go to a picturesque garden with swans on the lakes. It is worth making the whole list of attractions beforehand to make sure to visit the Capuchin Monastery since it is often overlooked in guidebooks. The stone abode, immersed in greenery, is an oasis of peace, compared to the pretentious Pena castle. And you should have good time-management skills to catch the iconic sunset at Cape Roca.

4. Obidos

Obidos is a small town nestled inside the medieval fortress walls. People come here to walk along narrow streets among snow-white houses with tiled roofs entwined with flowers. In local cafes, you should try cherry liqueur in chocolate cups. The pride of the city is the fairytale castle Obidos that was presented as a wedding gift by the king. Nowadays, you can run into interesting festivals of medieval music and costume performances there. And if you use top essay writing services, you will be able to save a pretty penny and spend a night in the castle since it has partly become a hotel.

5. Batalha

The city of Batalha grew up around a monastery that King João I built in honor of the Portuguese victory over the Castilians. When you look at the magnificent carvings, it is hard to believe that these laces were carved with rough tools from stone back in the Middle Ages. The unfinished part of the abbey, which is called “Unfinished Chapels” is especially wonderful and fascinating. The walls of the chapels are decorated with sculptures and stained-glass windows, but if you raise your head, only the blue sky will appear at the top. Another peculiarity of the monastery is the vault of the Chapter Hall without single support in the center.

6. Leiria

Back in days, the king chose these places for his residence and ordered to plant a pine forest between the city and the ocean to protect Leiria from sandy winds. The Gothic castle built on a high hill is visible today from any entrance to the city. And you can enjoy the very small and cozy Leiria with its ancient churches, fountains, and flowering trees right from the terraces of the castle. Leiria has no industrial zones, so the air is incredibly clean. No wonder the local seven-hundred-year-old pine forest is called the "lungs" of Portugal.

7. Aveiro

Aveiro is the "Portuguese Venice" since canals and lagoons divide the city. There are also gondolas here, although they are painted in their way. But unlike Venice with its majestic castles and mansions along the canals, Aveiro can boast only of cozy houses decorated with painted tiles.

The main attractions of Aveiro are the Dominican Monastery of Jesus (now a museum) and the Misericordia church, decorated with blue azulejo tiles. Many tourist routes start from the city. Thus, you can go to the town of Costa Nova with striped houses.

8. Porto

Once a wealthy city, today Porto is rather a province with its incredible flavor. You can walk along the narrow streets, climb the observation deck of the Clérigos Tower, admire the wealth of the Church of Saint Francisco and the Stock Exchange, the tiled panel of the Carmelitas Church. In the evening, you can go to a local bar or wine cellar for a glass of port if you have already studied reviews and taken care of your assignments. It is convenient to go on a tour of the wineries of Portugal. Near the city, you can taste wines or even crush grapes with your feet personally.