The study from the Observatory of the Portuguese Society of the Catholic University, dedicated to learning about the eating habits of the Portuguese, was carried out between November and December 2019 and involved 995 participants, who answered an online questionnaire.

In a section dedicated to the perception of policies to promote healthy eating habits, the results of the study show that 41.1 percent of the participants confirm that they reduced their consumption of sugary drinks after the entry into force of the special tax on these drinks. About 10 percent stopped consuming them completely and 36.8 percent of the participants admit that they think more before consuming them.

Regarding eating habits, the results show that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is the category that the vast majority associate with a healthy diet while the perception that excess sugar, salt and fat are harmful to a healthy diet is deeply rooted.

Reducing carbohydrates, eating less meat and more fish are some of the criteria seen as being key to healthy eating for half of the participants.