The office of Infrastructures and Habitation Minister Pedro Nuno Santos, has admitted that there is the possibility of a summer train shortage, newspaper Expresso reports, casing grievances to summer travellers and city workers.

This is chiefly due to a general lack of trains and a personnel shortage, causing many routes to be suppressed.

The SFRCI Railroad Union recently suspended the notice of strike scheduled for last week, after the Government agreed to “hire
operational workers” and boost other necessary areas within national rail company CP.

The Government had in a statement referred to the suspension of this notice of strike, saying it is “analysing and developing a set of measures” to respond to the operational and personnel needs of CP.

Last week Minister Santos publicly apologised for the poor quality of Portugal’s public transports.

However, the apology came before CP suppressed more of its rail services this week, on Tuesday, reducing the number of services on its busy Lisbon-Sintra line by half, between 23 June and 7 September, and largely during rush hour.

The company is justifying the move, which includes reduced ticket office customer services too, with a drop in demand from students during summer.