In a statement the AdC said that the fine related to sales activities between 2006 and 2017.

“The interference of a supplier in pricing and other transactional conditions practiced by independent distributors who purchase their products for resale restricts their ability to compete with each other as it eliminates competition for the price of the products to the detriment of consumers who are limited in their choice and can no longer benefit from low-priced products, ” said the Competition Authority.

Super Bock has rejected the fine and has stated that they will appeal against it.

The group stated that they “strongly reject the decision of the AdC and will exercise our right of defense by immediately appealing the decision to the competent courts.”

In the same statement, the company says it was “stunned that the final decision was handed down, while the court is still awaiting a ruling on several illegalities that SBB [Super Bock Bebidas] understands have been practiced ”.

The group also ensured that “the company and its employees have always been guided by and will continue to conduct their activities by strictly complying with the competition rules, being certain that no infringements have been committed, and have even implemented a broad programme in this area to ensure compliance with such rules and standards”.

“Super Bock is a reputable company, with a long history of contributing to the country’s economy, employing around 1,300 workers in Portugal,” the group said, reaffirming that “it will use every means it can to defend its reputation, their values and the integrity of their conduct ”.