To be able to make the best of the time the patient has left, Madrugada provides different services, one of those is a full assessment of the situation which helps to determine whether the patient needs to be hospitalised or is in a condition to receive home-based care and then also what medical equipment, like a medical bed, wheelchair or walker, is needed to make the last moments as liveable as possible.

Hospitalised or not, Madrugada is flexible and open to a lot of different situations, supporting and helping not only the patient but also the loved ones in every way possible, medically and emotionally. Since people often feel lost and overwhelmed under these circumstances, Madrugada offers many different complementary therapies that are all free of charge for loved ones and the patient, ranging from just being able to talk freely to someone, to counselling in English or Portuguese, meditation, yoga, massages and ultimately teaching them how to relax themselves when they need it most.

Also when it comes to practical help, Madrugada is there to support in any way they can, giving you information about what could happen in what situation and answering general questions about the whole process. They want to encourage people to not be shy and ask for help when they need it, as Madrugada and their services are for everyone, no matter the financial situation, which nationality or which illness, it is for everyone at the end of life.

Madrugada has, apart from the support centre in Praia da Luz, three shops in the western Algarve, a fashion and home store in Lagoa, a large home store in Lagos and a fashion shop in Praia da Luz, all of which sell pre-loved items that are kindly donated by people in the community. This and donations by generous individuals and companies in Portugal and abroad help Madrugada to be able to do the work they do.

To help this charity you can donate money or items for the shops, you can buy from their shops and also you can spread the word about what they do and raise awareness.

Talking to The Portugal News, President of Madrugada, Carol Whittamore said “Madrugada is very appreciative and grateful to all the volunteers, fundraisers and supporters, who help raise the funds to enable us to provide the support for the patients and their loved ones.”

In October 2018, Madrugada successfully became a member of the Portuguese Palliative Care Association (APCP) and has to this day already provided intense support for 158 patients.

To keep up with the steadily growing numbers and the plan to expand around the Algarve in 2020, Madrugada is always looking for qualified nurses that are registered in Portugal and experienced carers.

For 24 November 2019, Madrugada are organising a Christmas Fair that takes place opposite the Madrugada Support Centre at Clube Recreativo Cultural e Desportivo Luzense, Rua Direita 11 1, Praia da Luz 8600-160, from 10.30am to 2.30pm.