TAP carried 15.8 million passengers in 2018, 1.5 million or 10.4% more than in 2017.

In statements to journalists, before the departure of TAP's inaugural flight to San Francisco, in the United States, the CEO, Antonoaldo Neves, said that in May TAP had already carried 200,000 passengers more than last year.

Neves, who did not go on the flight, said that the three new routes to the US are to San Francisco, Chicago and Washington.

He said that these flights "have sold between 65% and 75% in the US market. That is, the demand comes from the US market."

As for the results for this year, after losses of €118 million in 2018, Neves explained that "the definition of success is TAP doing things sustainably."

Neves also mentioned that the airline has a good perspective regarding the descent of the price of oil and that it is already "preparing the protection" of prices for 2020.

Incidentally, for next year, the company already has 20% of the fuel protected "at an extremely competitive price.”

Neves was asked about a dispute between the executive board of the airline and the state, due to the payment of €1.171 million in bonuses to 180 employees

“This matter is resolved,” he said, not making more comments.