“The increase in tax revenues [to a record level of €38.87 billion, 4.7% or €1.75 billion more than in 2014]is going to be achieved on the one hand by greater economic activity and on the other by making sure that tax cheats have to pay their due share”, Paulo Núncio said on the sidelines of a meeting with local and regional tax officers in Oporto.

He added that “taxpayers who meet their obligations – both companies and individuals, will be in an equal or better situation, in the case of families with children”.

And, although he considered that the measures that had been taken to fight tax evasion over the past hears “have been effective”, he said that the government would “improve them in 2015”.

An example, he said, was the obligation as of this year for companies to declare their stocks by 31 January, “so the tax office could confirm if the inventories were correct or if there had been any artificial padding-out to reduce the taxes they had to pay”.