We are well aware that it is very easy to get lost in the bureaucracy, so we will be by your side to guide you. Perhaps you are a digital nomad who wishes to offer freelance services while enjoying the riches of Portugal or someone who wishes to maximizse the investment made in a property through Alojamento Local. In both cases, we are ready to assist you, fulfilling your fiscal obligations, liaising with the tax office authorities, setting up your business activity registration as a Freelancer, requesting Rental Licenses, book-keeping, preparing and filing the related individual annual tax return and, if applicable, the quarterly VAT declarations.

With TaxTeam Consulting you will find tax advisement to get you off on the right foot in Portugal, highlighting the important aspects essential to be compliant while having in mind your specific situation.

If you need Freelance Services, we make sure that you get the best fiscal advice before you start. Should you need Non-Habitual Residency Registration to benefit from the zero-tax rate till the end of 2020, we will be here to help you. Thinking of maximising the investment made on your property by renting to tourists with AL – Alojamento Local/ Local Lodging?

TaxTeam Consulting offers you a comprehensive Plan to help you with the requirements to be in compliance with the portuguese authorities. Perhaps you are selling your property in Portugal and would like the best advice to be taxed at the correct tax rate?

Did you know that as a resident in Portugal, your worldwide income has to be declared in Portugal by submitting an Annual Tax Return? Contact us and we will be pleased to assist.

At TaxTeam Consulting, we stand by your side so you may focus on what really matters to you: your peace of mind.

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