Technology helping Parkinson’s patients

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Technology helping Parkinson’s patients

Technology is working to help more than 500 Parkinson’s patients in Portugal who are being treated with electrical brain stimulation therapy.

The therapy is being hailed as now being more accurate than previously and allows the reduction of tremors according to experts.

António Gonçalves Ferreira, a neurosurgeon at Santa Maria Hospital, told Lusa News Agency that “the success rate is variable, but it is above 60 percent” in cases of people suffering from degenerative brain disease.

In Santa Maria (Lisbon) and São João (Porto), there are “30 to 40 new cases per year” in which the “very effective and valid” therapy, that compensates for brain mechanisms that are broken, is applied through the National Health Service.

“Ten years ago, it was only used in cases where the possibilities of dealing with medicines had run out, but today it is being used more and more,” he said.

German neurologist Jens Wolkmann said it was about using “very small electrical currents” to stimulate and influence neurons in areas measured in cubic millimetres.

Experts point out that deep brain stimulation does not attack the causes of degenerative diseases, but relieves symptoms.


You can read more about this electrical brain stimulation therapy and see links to fact sheets at: (... the material was created with neurosurgeons from the International Neuromodulation Society, a nonprofit organization for professional education)

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