Tens of thousands back pro-life movement that seeks revision of abortion laws

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Tens of thousands back pro-life movement that seeks revision of abortion laws

Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition that aims to bring the current laws ruling abortion back to the table for revision.

More than 48,000 people have put their name to the ‘Law in support of maternity and paternity – of the right to be born’ legislative initiative, among them prominent names from the fields of teaching, journalism, health and law.
A total of 48,115 people gave their backing to the movement, far exceeding the 35,000 signatures needed for matters to be brought before parliament.

Promoted by the ‘Right to be Born’ platform, the committee backing the movement was received by Parliament on Wednesday where it intended to hand over signatures gathered and “therefore begin the process which will lead to voting” on the law change in Parliament.
José Maria Seabra Duque, one of the initiative’s main promoters, said the high number of signatures gathered since 5 October showed a “clear popular will” that the “abortion law cannot continue as it is.”
Among the “most relevant measures” foreseen by the draft bill is more support for families, for maternity and paternity within professional and social spheres, more social support for pregnant woman who are at risk of aborting, and promoting the father’s support of the pregnant woman.


Mr Littlewood: I fail to see how killing an unborn child can be considered to be for his/her welfare. Of course a woman can choose whether to conceive a child or not but once having done so she has a duty to protect that child. She has no right to kill it. You cannot just invent rights! As to subjugation I think you will find that many pregnant women are pressurised by others to have an abortion which they do not want - they are left feeling they have no choice.

by Nicolas Bellord from UK on 25-02-2015 02:22:00

I note that the spokesman quoted is male, and the young ladies illustrated are unlikely to have faced the issue of an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is not an issue for legislation, other than to control the standards of those carrying out the procedure. It is the right of every woman to control her own body and to decide whether or not to bring another life into the world. The so-called right to life movement is simply trying to drive women back into subjugation, without considering the welfare of either the women themselves or of unwanted children.

by David Littlewood from Algarve on 20-02-2015 06:42:00
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