With no flights to India, they were stranded in Portugal along with Indian shipping crew, tourists and students.
The Indian Embassy has been helping all such COVID-affected Indians and has provided food, shelter, healthcare and essential supplies to more than 100 such distressed Indians.
With over 2,000 personalised communications sent in just one month, the Embassy is in close touch with all Indians through telephone, whatsapp, email, FaceBook and Twitter.
A spokesman from the Embassy said “The Embassy was able to succeed only because of the amazing support from Portuguese authorities, the Red Cross and the Indian community. We thank the Indian community associations like the Gurudwara Sikh Sangat Sabha, Hindu Association of Porto (AHP), Algarve Indian Volunteers Group, Crown Consultancy Services etc. for supplying over 600 food-kits so far, to needy Indians.
“Special thanks go to the extraordinary Indians who risked their wellbeing to arrange shelter and deliver essential supplies to Covid-affected Indians on behalf of the Indian Embassy.”
“The Embassy is grateful for the extraordinary assistance received from the Portuguese Health Services, Social Security, the National Civil Protection, Portuguese Red Cross, the Algarve Family Planning Association and the commendable support received from the Municipalities of Faro, Tavira, Portimão, Odeimera, Silves, Albufeira, Azambuja, Cartaxo and Santarém.”
The Embassy concluded by thanking the Portuguese government during this time: “The Government of Portugal’s humane decision to provide social and health services to all foreigners and extend their visa validity, made things much easier. This shows that an unprecedented crisis like this can bring
out the best in humanity.
It humbles and inspires
us all”.