The most expensive places to live in Portugal

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The most expensive places to live in Portugal

The price of houses in Portugal increased 0.5 percent in the second trimester of 2020 when compared to the previous trimester, remaining at around €2,070 per square metre, according to Idealista data.

The results show that the real estate market in Portugal remains active and continued to flourish even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The top of the list of the most expensive municipalities to buy or rent a house in Portugal, is the parish of Santo António, in Lisbon, including Avenida da Liberdade and surrounding areas.

Carcavelos and Paredes are the most searched parishes, whether to buy or to rent a house. However, the areas that see more contracts being signed are Queluz and Belas, to buy a house, and Lumiar, to rent a house.

The top 10 of parishes with the highest average price for square metres, are mainly Lisbon parishes. Santo António (€6,539), Misericórdia (€6,204) and Avenidas Novas (€5,676), respectively, occupy the first three places in the ranking.

However, when analysing the total price, Cascais and Estoril are the parishes with the most expensive houses in the country (averaging €1,036,805 euros). They are followed by Almancil (average €894,907), Avenidas Novas (€857,739) and Aldoar-Foz do Douro (€849,032).


The rape of the Portuguese housing market by latgely foreign "investors" continues apace and can only be alleviated by ending of the Golden Visa scheme and preventing predators from grabbing the property assets of Portuguese Banks and Insurers by nationalisation.

The recent disgrace revealed in connection with the actions of Novo Banco and Lone Star are a prime example of how the Portuguese taxpayer has been screwed to provide huge, untaxed profits for the already wealthy "investor".

by Knight from Other on 12-08-2020 08:33:00

Thank the golden visa scheme. Have you noticed an increase in chinese landlords?

by William from Other on 11-08-2020 03:01:00

Boa dia.
Esses preços são Absurdos para Realidade de Portugal, Como um salário de 680€ uma Arrendamento de um quarto 350, de um T0 650, um T1 .750,€ uma T2, 1,000. As Vendas altíssima,quem pode comprar? Só Ricos , Milionários e Estrangeiros. Os Portugueses e Emigrantes que trabalham duro neste País, são Esquecidos. Repensem há sério.

by Lúcia Fátima de Moura Costa Costa from Lisbon on 09-08-2020 09:12:00
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