As company owners and directors, we correctly plan, build and operate our businesses around the four fundamental elements of Marketing, Sales, Fulfilment and Finance, without doubt the cornerstones of a successful business.

Yet still, something is always missing!

Why is it that many business owners and leaders find it so difficult to find and keep reliable and effective staff, attract quality customers and return healthy profits? Why are so many struggling to build a business that makes them happy and proud and is a pleasure to be involved with?

The crucial element!

Here’s the point. As much as we may set out our strategies for the standard four elements, most of us fail to recognise the fifth! Oh, we know that it exists, indeed, some will even blame it for causing our biggest problems and challenges, but few will understand how to make it part of their strategies and leverage it for great success.

So, what is the fifth element? It’s actually the most powerful. It’s the link that holds the rest together and makes them work. Correctly used, it's the answer to every challenge we ever face.

The fifth element is people – more exactly, the ways that we interact and communicate with the people that we come into contact with, every moment of every day!

Think about it! People are involved in every business and in every area of a business; as staff and employees, customers and clients, suppliers and contractors. Our ability to communicate with them, to engage and influence them, absolutely determines success, whatever the size or nature of the organisation!

What’s in your mind?

I know what you’re thinking right now; “of course I know how important people are”. But here’s a question, are people simply something that are part of the day to day business machinations, sometimes good, sometimes bad – or do you have an intentional, pre-programed strategy for maximising success with your people element? A strategy that is constantly monitored, reported on and fine-tuned?

Because, unless that strategy, a highly effective people strategy, exists, it is impossible to build and operate a business that reaches full potential, that is a pleasure to be involved with and makes us proud to own and lead!

Don’t leave your most powerful strategy to chance. Discover the People Strategies you need today to create a highly effective, dedicated team, exceedingly satisfied and loyal customers and all whilst maximising profits.

Discover the Powerful Fifth Element of Business!

And overcome the major barriers to success.

If you are challenged by a constant need to recruit and keep good staff, endless customer challenges and complaints, expensive or ineffective marketing, insufficient sales levels and a lack of profits and income, it’s time to review your People Strategies!

Discover the Powerful Fifth Element of Business – Free!

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Who is Will Offen?

Will Offen is an international sales and business strategist, author and leadership coach.

He has influenced thousands of individuals in hundreds of businesses in a career spanning over 40 years and more than 50 cities and countries throughout Asia, Africa, USA, and Europe. As an Advisor, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Coach, Will is totally committed to helping people achieve work, business and personal success. With this aim, he has developed simple but remarkably powerful strategies and techniques that create growth and consistency, ensuring long term business and individual results.

Will is originally from the UK and now lives in the Algarve.