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A Treasure Trove

“Of all the places on earth, why do you wish to settle in Portugal?” This question is frequently asked of new arrivals to the shores of Portugal. It is one we often pose, in general conversation, to clients visiting the sales office at Boavista Golf & Spa. The responses tend not to vary too widely - “it’s easy, the smell of clean air, around 300 days of sunshine a year, a safe environment, a laid-back lifestyle, glorious beaches, friendly people who extend a warm welcome and, of course, the financial benefits.”

Portugal offers a veritable trove of treasure to the bounty hunters that arrive in search of the good life. In a world scarred by warring nations, strife and civil unrest, the country is a haven, untroubled by the burdens that affect many other lands. Despite a history of battles, it is safe to claim that Portugal’s fighting days are long over! This small but proud country has gained world notice for the way in which it is handling the current Covid-19 pandemic. For the most-part, the virus has been controlled due to the nation’s compliance in the wearing of masks and social distancing. The Algarve is one of the areas least affected and the citizens and residents of the region have set a good example to visitors who have subsequently commented upon a welcome feeling of safety.

As far as natural wealth is concerned, the Portuguese and their interlopers are blessed. Here in the western Algarve, we are enveloped by some of the most beautiful scenery, where protected natural parkland, home to myriad flora and fauna, gently undulates to meet the craggy coastline. These dramatic and imposing cliffs provide a splendid backdrop of orange and red sandstone as they descend in majestic splendor to meet sheltered coves, bays and wide stretches of golden sand. One of the most commented upon reasons for a relocation to Portugal is the clean air, unpolluted by traffic fumes and industry. Something that should be taken for granted has become a prized commodity and here in the Algarve, we are pleased to have it in abundance.

Within this natural haven, rests another - Boavista Golf & Spa. Standing eminently on an elevated plain, with panoramic views over the town of Lagos and the Atlantic Ocean, the impressive development accords a richness of lifestyle from which residents and visitors benefit. A gem in Algarve’s treasure trove, it offers a variety of social and recreational facilities sufficient to occupy the interests of most. The 18-hole golf course invites players of all levels to test their ability while Essential Spa entices those to work out in the gym, exercise in the large indoor heated pool or relax with a beauty treatment.

A lifestyle choice

Having spoken, last week, to a British couple who are in the process of purchasing a villa from Boavista’s Prestige range, we asked them what initially drove their decision to make a life-changing move to Portugal and, in particular, a home on a resort.

Malcolm responded: “We always had family holidays in Vale do Lobo and I had very good memories and subsequently returned on many occasions as an adult. The dream to make a permanent move was always in the back of my mind, then a couple of years ago, the time seemed right to do that as I had met a new partner and I wanted to share my love of the Algarve, so we spent time hunting for the perfect home. We started our search in the area where I had spent family holidays but soon realised that it did not offer the ingredients we would need to pursue a normal everyday lifestyle. It was a bit ‘blingy’ and didn’t represent the value for money we were looking for. After a disappointing week, we returned to England with my dream in pieces.” Malcolm takes a sip of this coffee before continuing. “We were back in England for a while and I was reading an article in Forbes magazine which extolled the virtues of Portugal for retirement and also mentioned Lagos and the attraction of the western Algarve, so we were straight back on an airplane. On our way to our hotel in Praia da Luz, we passed the entrance to Boavista Golf & Spa and we were immediately impressed by its presentation. We returned the next day and were not disappointed. I knew we had found the location of our new home. We visited the sales office and my dream was rekindled. As we reserved a Prestige villa under the early stages of construction, we were able to model it to meet all our needs. The sales staff and the architect guided us through the process and now we are looking forward to starting our new lives.”

Christopher interjects at this point. “That is the story in a nutshell, but it must be said, we have put a lot of work into researching what a move to another country involves. It is not straightforward but there is plenty of information available, however, we found areas of conflict. It is important to get advice from established sources. The process of property purchase is different to that in England, there are different rules for drawing up a will, importation of a car needs to be considered carefully and then, of course the rules governing the benefits of non-habitual residency must be understood. My advice is that anyone embarking on a similar process needs to take professional advice that is reliable. Boavista were very good in pointing us in the right direction.” Christopher pauses and smiles. “We are looking forward to our new adventure but my closing advice to anyone thinking of doing the same would be - live the dream with a good mix of reality and reliable research.”

Moving home within a familiar country can be a stressful experience but moving your home to another country is something that should be approached with careful judgement and research. It is a journey not only in miles or kilometres but a journey that should involve considerable research and planning to ensure a happy transition. In the sales office, we tell our clients that their project should be planned with military precision and that reputable professional advice needs to be sought. There has been much publicity about the financial benefits of Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) and Golden Visas, both of which have attracted people from all over the world. Everyone’s requirement and financial background is different and, therefore, everyone will require tailored advice. Buying in Portugal involves a process that will probably be unfamiliar to most foreigners, therefore, reliable legal guidance and advice from a respected lawyer is imperative. We are here in the sales office to help and guide. It is our wish that all our clients’ dreams have happy endings.

We invite you to share in Algarve and Boavista’s trove of treasure - a golden opportunity awaits those who hunt for bounty.

Excellent advice, for British citizens, can be sourced from:

The Property Sales Office

Telephone: +351 282 000 170


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