Thousands dependent on charity to eat and pay bills

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Portuguese charity Caritas receives daily requests for help to pay the bills of people from whom the pandemic has taken away incomes and jobs. Almost €80,000 have already been delivered to pay rent or medicines and food support.

Eugénio Fonseca, president of Portuguese Caritas, who coordinates the various Diocesan Caritas throughout the country, said: “the covid-19 pandemic is the one that has had the greatest impact on the worsening of poverty in the last 100 years”.

Regarding the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, celebrated today on 17 October, the President of Caritas points to the rapid advance of the accumulation of fortune “in the hands of a few” and the disparity in its distribution, which makes it even more difficult to eliminate of poverty.

Since the beginning of the epidemic crisis, Caritas has supported , with the delivery of food vouchers in supermarkets, 4,660 people, which represents €58.465 paid with funds from Portuguese Caritas.

The food support is the one that involves a greater number of beneficiaries, however, the support to pay rent, electricity, medicines and medical exams is what costs the charity the most, to the tune of around €77,000.


It sad to see once proud people have to live so poorly. I am American and see the same affect do to State government shut down of businesses and jobs and welfare hoax Democrats created long time ago. What I saw is in Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. People where working and living with their family but then Government of the state decided to shut down hotels and business but keep liquor store open to drink the time away.

The Governor is Democrat and does not believe in Constitutional right he is socialist Marxist support so making citizens poor is fine with him. What should he have done with this fake news panic virus with same strength as bad flu virus. This virus fake news is playing up in America for political reasons for Democrats had to destroy the economy for to good and that made it NOT possible to win the President office.

Just look at history for first time ever Government select what business can be open her in America like Pot shops in Calif. Every state responded differently and more Democrat state was like NY, NJ and Calif the greater the shut down to destroy the economy for political ends. IT came a Political virus here. For Democrat said you can Protest in large numbers with NO mask or social distancing. You can riot without Mask and loot with NO social distancing going through businesses and take things.

But to see government not helping people keep their job force people on government rules in such large numbers the state employees cannot do their job and it ONE man rule is the deal overriding the Constitution.

Here you can protest riot and loot without mask and social distancing but cannot go to your place of worship if your Christian and others. The Constitution said say government cannot limit worship but like do in China a Democrat paradise they have and legal system support Marxist values here know.

In Calif they stop people playing golf and closed golf courses in Fear of someone could get the Virus off a golf ball or during putting. This is in open air heat of 90 pulse lots of sunlight which virus cannot exist in and there was NOT one case of person getting this virus off golf ball taking the ball out of the hole.

The NY governor said he does not think of Constitutional rights once he give ORDERS and you obey or fines to jail all because you want feed your family. Poverty is what government is doing for recession is coming and rich will do will and the small business people will LOSE all thanks to Government taking away choice and freedom.

What does government feared here is Hospitals problems and cost. Government controls hospitals and they want protect them from losing to much money and limit the beds places can have as will as serves in American. The cost do to government regulations and demands will bankrupt a hospitals here. IN LA hospital do not want take patiences with the virus and prevent them from coming in but if illegal comes in they get FREE health care but citizens do not.

What see happening in Portugal is what see in Las Vegas lot of poverty created base n Government action to take free choice away for political ends. It sad but Government employees will be paid will to force citizens into poverty.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 19-10-2020 08:02

Our Government is directly at fault for this desperate situation.
Making our economy fall into tatters from the fallout of a 'flu'
The time is forthcoming for those culpable to be tried for "Crimes Against Humanity."
Mark my word.

By Liam Stevens from UK on 17-10-2020 02:38

In a socialist country where the President talks about solidarity non-stop this should not be happening. The charities are not meant to replace social and welfare system.

By Annie from Algarve on 17-10-2020 12:19

That is the purpose of corona; stay scared comrades.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 17-10-2020 09:34
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