In my world in and around Porches, something very cute happened. I am a Maine Coon breeder for more than 20 years and the first time during this strange Covid time, one of my females had the good idea to give birth to eight kitties!
The X-ray showed that eight kitties will be born and so it was. Numbers one to seven were born at regular intervals but number eight was not determined to join us! I suppose he or she did not want to join the Covid time…
So we took the good mummy and the first seven kitties in our car in the direction of the veterinary clinic. About one kilometre from the clinic, I heard a strange noise beside me near the mummy and the eighth kitty was born. It was a bit of panic in the car in order to find some tissue to dry the baby and check him rapidly. Nevertheless we continued our way to the clinic and the vet told us that everything was OK for mummy and the eight kitties.
Rose-Anne Burgunder