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2020 will certainly be remembered for two seismic game-changing challenges: global warming and Coronavirus. Now it seems they are oddly intertwined as levels of air pollutants and warming gases over some regions are showing significant drops, as the pandemic impacts work and travel.

Researchers in New York City claim carbon monoxide from cars reduced by nearly 50 percent. Traffic levels are down by 35 percent. CO2 emissions have fallen 5-10 percent with a drop in methane too. Scientists expect levels to peak in May with foliage decomposition and suggest it will be the lowest recorded level since 2008’s financial crisis , according to Columbia University.
Caveats aside, they echo environmental impacts connected to the coronavirus outbreaks in China and Italy. This may, according to Carbon Brief, result in the former’s carbon footprint falling by 1percent. Less people driving simply reduces nitrogen dioxide. And dirty waters in Venice have become clearer due to no boat travel.
At this moment we are probably all familiarised with the NASA image of China’s pollution cloud (pictured)
Urban air pollution has fallen in developed countries, but toxic air has risen to extreme levels in places like India. Long-term exposure means patients with lung or heart conditions are less able to fight infections – especially with Coronavirus at large according to Cagliari University.
If “things come in threes” we must not forget recycling, re-using and reducing. Even the Algarve has more rubbish on the streets, in town bins, beaches and hill country. So what can we do..?
Firstly, own up to the fact we must be responsible. Many Governments continue to license corporate waste firms to dump thousands of tonnes into the sea which is not sustainable. And the reverse logistics industry is burying out of date foodstuffs in huge landfills.
With populations locked-down at home for the near future, watching news channels, reading newspapers and trawling the internet, all have ample time to reflect. We now know the true value of travel when it is taken away. But what price can be put on the planet’s health?
Most emissions that account for global warming come from the electricity sector due to fossil fuels. Sustainable energy sources release little or no greenhouses gases, which helps to keep our environment cleaner and healthier. Cutting contaminants is vital according to Renewable Energy Magazine.
More Algarvean homeowners are enquiring how they can make a difference and there are great ways to start with our premium solutions: Solar panels and battery storage, Solar car-charging ports, Solar pool pumps and heating, Air conditioning systems and ProPerla hydrophobic coating.
Start your way to a cleaner more sustainable future. Why not discover your potential when it comes to reducing expensive utility bills and carbon footprint.
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Going green is in your hands…


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