Tobacco taxes rising in 2021

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The Government will be raises the tax on tobacco for sale next year and will be changing the background colour of the stamp to violet.

After the green tones in 2018, pink between January and 20 May of last year and blue from that month, the background colour of the special stamps for products subject to tobacco tax, referring to the economic year of 2021, is violet.

In the diploma, the executive sets the unit price of the special stamp for products subject to the Tobacco Tax (IT), for the economic year 2021.

On 22 April 2019, the Government kept the price of the tobacco packaging stamp on sale in the last seven months of that year, but changes the background colour of the stamp to blue, according to a diploma published on that day.

The unit price of the special stamp is fixed annually until the end of June of the previous year, by order of the Minister of Finance, which also determines the background colour of the special stamp, differentiated by economic year.


It is "will be raising" and "changed"...
But the most relevant is missing. How much will the tax be next year? You smokers and drinkers are toasted? You are the easiest target among the many milking cows of a government that lives essentially from taxing you instead of inducing more production, efficiency and savings!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 19-07-2020 12:34

It’s about time they increase taxes on products that make people sick! On another note, they should ban tobacco advertising outside schools. I have noticed that most tobacco advertising in Portugal are outside schools and education establishments such as Universities!

By Anna from Madeira on 19-07-2020 12:15
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