In August, the tourist accommodation sector registered 1.9 million guests and 5.1 million overnight stays, according INE.

Overnight stays from residents (Portuguese and non Portuguese that live in Portugal) have decreased by 2.4 percent, compared to last year, (-30.8 percent in July) and those from outside the country decreased by 72 percent (-84,5 percent in the previous month).

In August 21.0 percent of tourist accommodation establishments were closed or there was no movement of guests (27 percent in July).

All of the main markets maintained their significant decreases in August (above 50 percent), although less than in the previous month (above 65 percent in July). The biggest drop is seen in guests coming from the USA, Canada, Ireland, China and the United Kingdom.

Alentejo region continued to show a smaller decrease in the number of overnight stays, compared to the same month last year, a decrease of 15.1 percent (-26.2 percent in the previous month). Surprisingly the number of overnight stays of residents increase in the Algarve (+9.0 percent), Alentejo (+ 4.0 percent) and Centro (+ 1.1 percent).