"As for the economic upturn, the signs are beginning to appear in relation to the English market, but it's not an abrupt rise and nobody thought it would be," said Miguel Albuquerque.

The Madeiran governor said that, "at this moment, the main groups that work with the English market are beginning to have positive signs".

Albuquerque pointed out that "the German market continues to grow and the operators are having a very positive response", without giving any figures on the reservations.

"The reaction of the German market has been faster than expected and the English market is showing some recovery. We will wait," he said.

The United Kingdom declared last week the end of the mandatory quarantine for citizens visiting Portugal, a situation that has begun to give rise to reservations in the region's hotels, but whose numbers have not yet been released.

Albuquerque admitted that the party "does not rule out" agreements with other parties in the municipalities where it is opposed, indicating that "municipal governments with executive capacity" must be guaranteed, otherwise "the municipalities remain stagnant.