Toys belonged to the most notified product category (31 percent), followed by motor vehicles (19 percent), and clothing, textiles and fashion items (10 percent), while the main risks flagged were chemical risks and injuries (25 percent each) followed by the choking risk for children (18 percent).

Vera Jourová, Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality said: “The Safety Gate is a key tool to protect Europeans from dangerous products and it really works. With more than 2,000 alerts and nearly double as many recalls and removals from the market, the report shows effective enforcement of the rules.

She added that the Commission will continue to work with national authorities and third countries “to keep all European consumers safe.”

Product recalls are one of the most common measures to reduce the risks posed by dangerous products, however the proportion of products successfully recovered from consumers remains generally low.

The results of a new survey on the issue show that athird of the respondents consciously continue to use recalled products, suggesting that recall notices may not have much effect on consumers and/or that the risk may not be communicated clearly enough.

More than half of all the detected dangerous products come from China. Cooperation with Chinese authorities in the product safety field continues to be a priority, but the results are mixed.

The Commission continues to work with the competent Chinese authorities on this. This includes raising awareness about the product safety rules that need to be met when selling to EU consumers.