UK holidaymakers ‘welcome’ in Portugal

in News · 03-06-2020 14:08:00 · 8 Comments

Portugal's foreign minister has said anyone in the UK thinking of going to Portugal this summer would be "most welcome" amid coronavirus.

Augusto Santos Silva said tourists will be warned how full beaches are so that they can avoided crowded spots.

He said that an "air bridge" agreement between the UK and Portugal could be in place by the end of June, meaning holidaymakers would not be subject to a 14-day quarantine under a deal and that any travel quarantine "was an enemy of tourism".


Yes let them back in like Trump!!! Money is more important than lives. Here the same after coming here where we have done well and have been under radar because we were fast to put a stop to the virus. Don't open up people will make it up next year or spring season

By Lida Innemee from Algarve on 04-06-2020 03:43

Let the British come for the two months of summer. I’m sure the Coronavirus impact is no worse in the U.K. than it is in say Lisbon. Many of my friends here are equally worried about a flood of tourists from the North as they can simply drive down (even if they are unwell).’s not as though a huge number of people can afford a holiday this year, so welcome those that want to spend their limited cash in Portugal rather than somewhere else

By David Statham from Algarve on 04-06-2020 12:54

it is great to open up the economy with caution and coordination within European countries, until the vaccine will be discover our lives have to go on with precautions.

By Blaise Kanza from Other on 04-06-2020 12:03

Portugal apparently received a large amount of EU funding to help people through the crisis, but funny no one seems to have received any support. If residents are to survive we need tourism.

By Rita Grande from Lisbon on 04-06-2020 08:41

Jude Irwin - at some point an economic recession will kill more people than the virus. The government has a responsibility to ensure the economy doesn't collapse beyond repair. This concept may be a challenge for socialists, communists, and those generally not good at maths or economics.

By Colin from UK on 04-06-2020 07:48

Don't bring people in my country I leave in canada but iam Portuguese

By Eunice Arede from Other on 04-06-2020 01:42

Looking forward to visiting beautiful Portugal / Madeira later this year hopefully. London and the south of England has amongst the lowest infection rates in the UK, and Covid 19 is in retreat. Similarly, in the other parts of the UK, although rates of infection are still higher in some areas, including the north east England and Scotland. A good news story that should only get better, as in Portugal and other European countries

By Robert Manderson from UK on 03-06-2020 11:51

Sure, let everyone from Covid-19 riddled Britain flood in and spread the virus to us in Portugal. Just so long as it “gets the money flowing in”, right? The health professionals should speak up now, because government’s first duty is to protect its own people. Lives matter more than profits!

By Jude Irwin from Beiras on 03-06-2020 04:26
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