According to the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP), at the end of June, 406,665 unemployed were registered with the employment services.

The total number of unemployed registered in the country was higher than that recorded in the same month of 2019 (36.4 percent) and lower compared to the previous month (0.6 percent).

At a regional level, in June 2020, registered unemployment decreased, compared to the previous month, in most regions, except for the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo regions (with 1.6 percent more) and the autonomous region of Madeira (with another 3.5 percent).

As for the same period, the most pronounced increase occurred in the Algarve region (with 231.8 percent more) and the only exception is the autonomous region of the Azores (with -1.7 percent).

Considering the professional groups of unemployed people registered in the continent, the most representative are the unskilled workers (25.6 percent), workers in personal services, security protection and salespeople (22.1 percent), administrative staff (11.7 percent), skilled workers in industry, construction and craftsmen (10.9 percent) and specialists in intellectual and scientific activities (9.4 percent).

In relation to the same month of 2019 (excluding groups with little representation in registered unemployment), the group of operators of installations and machines and assembly work (with 61.3 percent) presented the most expressive percentage increase in unemployment, followed by the working groups personal services, security protection and salespeople (56.5 percent) and administrative staff (39.7 percent).

With regard to the economic activity of origin of unemployment, of the unemployed who, at the end of the month under analysis, were registered as candidates for a new job, in the Employment Services of the Mainland, 73 percent had worked in activities in the service sector, with emphasis on real estate, administrative and support services (29.7 percent), and 21 percent came from the secondary sector, with particular emphasis on construction (6.4 percent).

The agricultural sector accounted for 3.7 percent of the unemployed.