Unemployment drops to 7.9%

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Unemployment drops to 7.9%

The unemployment rate in Portugal fell to 7.9% in the first quarter of 2018, a 0.2 percentage point drop compared with the previous quarter and 2.2 points less than in the first quarter of 2017 the Portuguese National Statistics Institute (INE) said on Wednesday.

“The number of unemployed, estimated at 410,100fel 2.8% (down 11,900) compared with the last quarter of 2017, it said.

Meanwhile, the number of people in work, estimated to be around 4,806,700 was almost unaltered in the first three months but was 148,600 more than 12 months earlier.


Would be interesting to see how these figures are calculated and where all the new jobs have come from . There is a suspicion that more Portuguese have left the country than said before , and these people are no longer on the unemployed lists . Seeing the figures , less than 50% of the population actually works !!!!!!!

by PG from Lisbon on 17-05-2018 06:35:00

of course unemployment is falling. The youth are leaving Portugal to find work in better paid countries thanks to their ability to speak English.

by mac from Porto on 10-05-2018 08:43:00
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