In a statement, the Câmara de Loulé said that the circuits managed by the municipal company LC Global, as well as the connection to the railway station of Loulé / Praia de Quarteira, “will be free to use for all age groups, any ticket or card validation is not required”.

According to the municipality, the initiative aims to support families and companies, “aiming to reactivate the county's social and economic dynamics, as this public transport service is mostly used by people who travel to their workplace, by the elderly or by school-age youth”.

On the other hand, the note states, the decision also goes “to meet the environmental policies carried out in recent years by the municipality”, in order to encourage residents “to opt for public transportation”.

By using public transport more and less individual transport, citizens will be contributing to “reduce the emission of air pollutants, which are mainly responsible for the global warming of the planet”.

The urban transport network of Loulé is “a safe, economical, practical and environmentally more responsible way for the population to move around the entire area of ??the municipality”, concluded the municipality.