Ventura considers demonstrations a “national shame”

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The Chega politician has stated that he considered the image of the “demonstrations associated with the left” over last weekend as a “national shame” and criticised the Government’s “dual criteria” for “banning public events” due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“What happened was a national shame,” said André Ventura, at the end of another meeting with specialists at Infarmed, in Lisbon, about the epidemiological situation in Portugal.

The politician and leader of Chega criticised the “dual criteria”, of banning “public events, some of them cultural and sporting”.

“But we continue to have demonstrations, generally more associated with the left, to whom everything is allowed and to whom nothing is prohibited,” he said, without ever directly referring to the demonstrations against racism.

He said it was a “national shame”, given that “the Portuguese have been confined for months” and then they see images of demonstrations.
“However noble the reasons” of the demonstrations, he said, they cannot “be demanding that the parties, the sectors of the civil and business society comply with rules and that there is another part of society that feels unpunished and without any need to comply to rules”.

On 6 June, thousands of Portuguese took to the streets in demonstrations against racism in some Portuguese cities, in solidarity with other actions of the kind that evoke the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American who died on 25 May in Minneapolis (USA), after a white policeman pressed his knee onto his neck for about eight minutes in a detention operation.

During the demonstrations in Portugal, many wore a mask, but social distancing was far from being fulfilled in many cases.


Lawlessness ,and lack of respect and what we call freedom,is the cause of the problem,this new world we live in where anything goes and criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens that are not safe in their own homes while they roam they roam the streets freely with no repercussions for there actions and the live out the pockets of those that work. Freedom is going to enslave us all in some way it will be good ,cause then everyone abides by the same rules and everyone does their share and there is no place for abusive parasites,that is what equality is ,the same rule for all the same amount of input by all to have the same say as all and for all to have a reasonable lifestyle ,after all those decking society are the truelly free with no apparent responsibility while the others have to keep the wagon moving while being whipped by ourselves so we can keep our heads above water,maybe we should change shoes for a while,or take a step back in time. Be realistic life is what u make of it and bad is mostly in one's own mind.

By Joao Carlos Bastos from Other on 12-06-2020 07:25

Floyd's murder has nothing to do with Portugal. These people should be protesting in the US, not Portugal. The latter is not responsible for events happening outside its borders. These protestors need to think about getting a life.

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 12-06-2020 03:35

It is true. Equality is of no interest to these leftist types. Equality would mean they would have to carry equal responsibility and do equal amount of work to get the benefits they do get. They want more responsibility, strain, work and blame on others while they want benefits for themselves to be granted to them by others who work to create those benefits.
Respect and security for all, I am ok with that. But don't demand others to give up security and to grovel to you simply because you feel oppressed due to your own lack of efforts to make your own condition better.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 12-06-2020 07:41
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