Miguel Blanco and Teresa Bonvalot came out on top during the Allianz Algarve Pro, which took place at Praia do Amado, Aljezur.

Following a day without waves on the Saturday, the Sunday was a completely different scenario with the surfers able to take advantage of the conditions.

Afonso Antunes, Diogo Martins, Luís Perliro and Jácome Correia all showed good form but it was Blanco and Tomás who took a hold of the competition and elevated the standard to a new level. The national champion surpassed Diogo Martins in the quarter-finals and then beat Jácome in the semi-finals, while Tomás Fernandes defeated Luís Perloiro in the quarter-finals and Marlon Lipke in the semi-finals.

The final was balanced, but Miguel Blanco began to pull away thanks to a wave of 8.25 points, and with 15.00 points against 13.95, the national champion ended up winning and rising to his highest place on the podium for the first time this season.

“I am very happy with my victory,” Miguel Blanco said. “Winning in the Algarve in good surf conditions and with high scores was very important for me”.

In the women’s final it was Teresa Bonvalot who took on Yolanda Hopkins, with Bonvalot coming out on top with 17.25 points against 14.05 points.