Love him or hate him, there is no doubt that everyone who listens to his breakfast show has an opinion about him, “I’ve never shied away from the truth,” said Si in an interview with The Portugal News, “not everyone likes my opinions but I do have them”.

Now each morning listeners can tune in to hear Si with his usual rants, quizzes and unique style of presenting accompanied by Susana, known as Su on the show, Si explained: “We wanted to add to the show and bring a different perspective for listeners. At 51, I am the youngest DJ on the station and with Su being only 21 this brings a younger perspective to the studio downstairs”.

Su , who is Portuguese and from the Algarve, is no stranger to Kiss Fm:“I began listening to Kiss Fm when I was a teenager and I’ve been a fan for some time.” She began to work at the station as an intern as part of her degree in communication sciences, focusing on social media for the station and when the opportunity arose to join Si on the breakfast show she was keen to take the leap into live broadcasting.

“It’s a challenge in a different way,” said Su, “You never know what Si is going to say next which makes it entertaining for the listeners and especially for me!”

“I basically wake up happy and play music,” said Si, “But now with Su in the studio there is a different banter between us and where there was no reaction there is now an instant reaction on the show.”

The new breakfast show has also seen Su bring in entertainment news each morning, while there are also new games in the pipeline for listeners to get involved in each day.

Tune in to the new look breakfast show with Si and Su, weekdays from 8am until midday on Kiss FM Algarve.