The documentary ‘Portugal - Der Wanderfilm’ (Portugal - the walking-movie) was made by a German couple who are both directors and passionate about Portugal.

The couple documented practically every stop of their journey between Sagres, the western tip of the southern Algarve region, to Porto in northern Portugal, to show to movie-goers in their homeland.

It is the seventh movie by directors Silke Schranz and Christian Wüstenberg to be shown in German theatres and the second shot in Portugal, after a documentary in 2010 on the Algarve.

“When we went to Portugal for the first time, we fell in love with the country, the friendliness of the people, the delicious food, the Portuguese wine, the culture, the coast, the waves and the beaches.

“But we used to explore Portugal with a rental car. That way we could not reach the remote beaches and the rocky coastline”, explains Silke Schranz, in comments to Lusa News Agency.

After learning about the ‘Vincentian Route’ and a walking trail between Sagres and Porto Covo, they decided to give up the car and try exploring on foot.

“Since we are filmmakers we took our cameras with us. After 100 kilometres, we liked the landscape so much that we decided to continue to Porto”, says Christian Wüstenberg.

‘Portugal - Der Wanderfilm’ is the seventh film of the two filmmakers that is shown in theatres in Germany; the pair have produced documentaries in countries such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, but confess that Portugal “is their favourite”.

Living in Frankfurt, Germany, Silke Schranz and Silke Schranz have already visited Portugal at least 25 times.

“This documentary is a way to show the benefits of walking when you want to know a country better”, they reason, adding: “Germans like to travel, but they tend to book hotels in tourist regions.

“Our new movie shows a non-touristy Portugal. Remote villages, beaches and the best tips off the beaten path. In German cinemas, we have many Portuguese in the audience. Even they told us that through this film they have rediscovered their country of origin”.

The documentary is due to show in some 40 movie theatres throughout Germany.

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