“With regard to social distance, the ideal is two metres. Even if you are watching on television in closed spaces, you must not forget this rule and another, very important one, which is the sharing of objects such as glasses or bottles - do not do this at all ”, said Graça Freitas at the daily press conference on the covid-19, referring to the possible concentration of fans in hotels where the teams are located or in stadiums.

The head of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) warned that, “when celebrating goals, the trend will be to celebrate as before”, with “physical contact”, appealing for the celebration to proceed no with “being exuberant, but with distance".

This is "unless it is in relation to people who live in the same house", she stressed.

"I am making an appeal to supporters, if they get together, they maintain rules of physical distance and barrier protection, wearing a mask and not sharing objects," she added.

Graça Freitas stated that “it was a hard decision to restart the championship” and that “the attempt to reach the end of the season will be good for everyone”, namely from a social and economic point of view.

“But we have to ensure that what has been achieved cannot go backwards through less prudent behaviour. And prudence indicates that we have to stick to the rules ”, she noted.

The Portuguese I Football League returns on Wednesday, almost three months after stopping due to covid-19.

The stadium doors will be closed, except for the elements that are indispensable for the matches, including the television teams, which will broadcast all matches between SportTV and BTV.

As for the players, those who pass the tests to covid-19 will be eligible to play, with tests carried out 24 hours before each game, and, between games spaced more than five days apart, each team will have to undergo two tests.