Warning to check mask fabric quality

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Textile Association warns that consumers should confirm if the fabric of the masks has been tested

The Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association warned today that anyone who buys fabric masks for use in the context of the pandemic must ensure that the fabric has been tested by the textile technology center and meets the requirements set by the authorities.

Speaking to Lusa agency, the president of the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association (ATP), Mário Jorge Machado, explained that the requirements of the fabrics that can be used in the manufacture of masks for use by the general population must be met and this guarantee only the technological center of the textile industry can give.

"The technological center has been responding to companies which are the fabrics or combinations of fabrics that meet the requirements", said the official, explaining that it is "a technological test made to the fabric of the fabric" to see if it meets or not , the requirements defined in the note issued by Infarmed.

The center then analyzes and tells companies “whether the fabric meets, with what values, or not, and with what values, so that companies can then adjust the construction of the fabric's mesh or the necessary combinations to be able to fulfill what is required ”, He explained.

Mário Jorge Machado also explained that such compliance depends on two characteristics: “the wire and the number of passages of the wire, what we call the thickness of the wire and the number of passages it has per centimeter”.

"The situations have to be tested one by one", said the official, who advises consumers to check on the label if the fabric of the garment they buy has been tested or not by the Technological Center of the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal (CITEVE).

According to information published today by Infarmed, the fabrics of the masks to be used by people who have to travel to the workplace or by the general population for authorized exits in the context of confinement must have, for example, “a minimum performance of 70% filtration ”.

They must also, according to Infarmed, allow “four hours of uninterrupted use without degradation of the particle retention capacity or breathability” and its performance cannot degrade over the life of the mask (maximum number of times that can be used).

"Resistance to wear during the time of use should also be considered, since the changes caused by wear can induce greater retention and bacterial growth", underlines Infarmed.

On Monday, the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) admitted the use of masks by all those who remain indoors with several people, as a measure of additional protection against social distance, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

In the information released, the DGS reiterates that the effectiveness of the widespread use of masks by the community in preventing infection by the new coronavirus “has not been proven”, but admits that, in the face of the emergence of a new disease, “the evidence is evolving every moment and it is affirmed in a collaborative model of experiences, before the emergence of more rigorous scientific evidence ”.

In the note released today, which describes the characteristics of the masks intended for use within the scope of covid-19 and which had the collaboration of Infarmed, DGS, the Portuguese Quality Institute (IPQ) and the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE), the authorities point out that the use of these masks by the community “does not imply any change to the confinement measures, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

It also does not imply any change “to the organization and procedures to be adopted, namely, by schools and employers that make it possible to improve the protection of employees”, they add.

The note also says that the definition of the criteria to be met by the masks, namely in terms of filtration, breathability, dimensioning and resistance, “were the subject of consensus by a group of experts” with technical skills in the medical-pharmaceutical, textile technology, infection and disinfection, standards and tests to be applied and inspection.

The latest official data indicate that Portugal registers 567 deaths associated with covid-19 and 17,448 infected people.

The new coronavirus, responsible for the covid-19 pandemic, has already claimed more than 120,000 deaths and infected more than 1.9 million people worldwide.

Of the cases of infection, about 402 thousand are considered cured.


were can i buy good quality masks made in portugal to bring to canada

By robert from Other on 05-05-2020 03:53

Can a minister insist on the use of Face Masks when this was not included as part of the State of Emergency declared by the President and then enacted by Parliament? be interested to know if this power exists and if it does then is International Human Rights Laws enable us to challenge this? What do your legal team think?

By Peter Ibbs from Algarve on 16-04-2020 09:43

Totally agreement with Fred masks will end up all over the place just as the plastic gloves and other litter does. Masks are for a one time only use and I just heard that someone paid Euros 3.90 for one mask! only makes sense to mask manufacturers for them to cash in on the misguided and uninformed

By Peter Ibbs from Algarve on 15-04-2020 06:23

This will give people a false sense of security, because most people don't know anything about contamination/cross contamination, or how to use protective gear, how often to change it, how to dispose it. Very dangerous.

By fred from Algarve on 14-04-2020 07:31

What a load of crap you're spreading now! Are you trying to stop people using masks? Are you in business with a mask company?
Any mask will do. They only protect others from the wearer. So if everyone wears them, we're all protect. They're just for catching spit!

By jane from Other on 14-04-2020 05:59
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