Water inflows to dams aid hydroelectricity production

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The inflows to dams were positive in November, with the hydroelectric production index standing at 1.15, above the historical average, for the first time in the year, according to REN data.

According to data from the electricity network manager, in the year to date, the annual hydroelectric generation index stood at 0.65 (historical average equal to 1), reflecting the drought conditions that were only interrupted in November.

In the month under review, conditions were particularly favourable for wind generation, with the second highest monthly wind generation ever recorded, corresponding to a production index of 1.53 (historical average equal to 1).

On 22 November, wind generation reached a new daily maximum - 103.1 GWh -, exceeding the previous historical maximum of 102.4 GWh, which had been reached in February 2019.

In November, renewable generation supplied 65% of national consumption plus export balance, the highest value recorded this year, and non-renewable generation supplied 35% of national consumption. The export balance corresponded to around 5% of national consumption.

Since the beginning of the year, renewable sources have predominated with 47% of national consumption, while non-renewable sources accounted for 44%, with the remaining 9% being supplied by imports.

In renewable energy sources, wind power with 26% of consumption, hydroelectric with 14%, biomass with 5.5% and photovoltaic with 2.2% stand out. In non-renewable sources, natural gas supplied 33% of consumption and coal did not exceed 11%, remaining at the end of the year with historically low values.

Electricity consumption increased 1.4% in November, but in the year to date there was a 1.5% drop in relation to the previous year, according to REN data.

According to data released today, in November, the natural gas market maintained the growth trend that has been observed, with a variation of 5.1% compared to the same month of the previous year.

From the beginning of the year, until the end of November, natural gas consumption registered an annual variation of 4.6%, as a result of 0.5% growth in the conventional market and 13% in the electricity market, where natural gas power stations have been replacing coal-fired power stations.


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