“Nationalities that usually do not form part of the ‘Top 5’ of those that spend most in Lisbon contributed to this increase,” the company said in a statement. It cited Canadians in particular, whose spending in the city during the ‘Web Summit’ showed a 131 percent year-on-year increase.
Among nationalities that are commonly at or near the top of the rankings are Brazilians, whose spending in this period was up 160 percent. As for Angolans - who spent the most - their spending was up 62 percent, while that by US citizens was up 30 percent, and that by Chinese up 16 percent.
On average, Australians spent the most per head, at €1,822, followed by people from São Tomé, at €1,483, residents of Hong Kong, at €1,482, and Mexicans, at €1,403. Chinese tourists were fifth with an average per capita spend of €1,024.
The Global Blue figures show the Amoreiras shopping centre as enjoying the largest year-on-year increase in sales during the Web Summit, at 121 percent.
Global Blue handles value-added tax refunds for visitors resident outside the European Union.
The Web Summit - Europe’s largest tech event - was held in Lisbon this year for the first time, having moved from Dublin. More than 50,000 people attended, the vast majority of them foreigners.